The ways how work is carried out will change, opening new opportunities for you to find employment. In addition to traditional salaried work and entrepreneurship, you may also employ yourself, for example, by becoming a self-employed person using invoicing services, working as a freelancer, on a grant, in a workers’ cooperation, as a family caregiver, as a professional athlete or in charitable work. Such varied ways to work also offer you options for preparing for changes in the employment market.


There are many different options for self-employment. You may earn your income from various sources, either simultaneously or alternately. For example, you may work part-time as an entrepreneur whilst in paid employment or doing your studies, or your work may consist of a number of short-term job assignments. Or have you ever come to think that you could also earn income from your hobby?   

When you are self-employed, you may possibly choose where and when you perform your work. Flexibility may increase, and you can make choices according to your personal life situation.  

Many of us may be perplexed about the matters related to unemployment security, since there is no simple model for that. Your entitlement to unemployment benefit depends on whether you are working as a salary earner or an entrepreneur or whether you are self-employed (for example, as an informal carer or athlete). The amount of work your employment requires and the duration of employment also play a role.  

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