Light entrepreneur

As a light entrepreneur, you can do work through billing services, invoicing cooperatives or digital employment service platforms. Your work may include tasks related to home, well-being, entertainment, construction, teaching or information technology.

Billing services  

Your work may consist of a number of short-term job assignments that you perform as a ‘light entrepreneur’, using, for example, a billing service or invoicing cooperative.  

By using billing services, you can issue an invoice for your work without being registered as a company. The billing or salary payment service meets the statutory obligations it pledges.  

Digital employment service platforms 

Your work may consist of a number of short-term employment opportunities that you take up, for example, through the use of digital employment service platforms. Employment service platforms usually provide short-term jobs or project work. They also pay salaries on behalf of work providers and they often also attend to the other obligations of an employer. Usually they offer individual work assignments without an employment relationship, but some platforms recruit people to an employment relationship.

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