Developing competence

Do you have competence that you want to develop further? You can progress in your career in the desired direction by using and developing your existing expertise. 

The Job Market Finland offers tips for developing your existing knowledge and skills.

Identify your competences

Are you aware of all your current areas of competence? A competence assessment can teach you more about yourself and highlight which skills you should develop further.   

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Complementing studies and degrees

Through universities, it is also possible to complete studies based on previously-obtained higher education qualifications and competences. These studies can often also be conveniently taken alongside work.

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On-the-job learning

Do you learn better by doing? On-the-job learning could be a good option for you. There are different ways to learn and study while working.


An apprenticeship involves training that takes place at the workplace. In other words, you get a degree by working. The apprenticeship also includes theory work days at the educational institution. Find out from the TE Office whether you can receive a pay subsidy for the duration of the apprenticeship.

Work try-out

If you want to try out whether a certain field is suitable for you or what kind of tasks are included in a profession, you can apply for a work try-out through the TE Office. The work try-out is intended for the unemployed and those working part-time.


An internship is also an important part of most vocational and higher education studies, and may be the point where you get to put the theory into practice for the first time. You should take time to choose your place, as it may be your chance to get a foot in the door.

Trainee programme

If you would like to move ahead in your own organisation, find out if your workplace offers a trainee programme.

Pay subsidy

If finding employment has been challenging due to missing areas of competence, you may be able to find employment with a pay subsidy and develop your professional competence by working. You can apply for a pay subsidy card from the TE Office and tell potential employers that you will bring part of the salary with you.


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Labour market training

You can start your own business in an accessible, low-risk way through an entrepreneurship course organised as labour market training. You can also complete a vocational qualification or a part of it as labour market training.  The trainings on offer also include the popular F.E.C training programmes. Labour market training is primarily for the unemployed.


Developing competence while unemployed

If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to develop your competence during a period of unemployment, please familiarise yourself with independent study. Alternatively, if you only lack a small part of the qualification or are thinking of just a short supplementary course, such as a taxi course, you should familiarise yourself with the option of taking short-term studies supported by unemployment benefit.


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