If you know that you will lose your job, register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment via the E-services of TE Services. You may apply to the Social Insurance Institution Kela or your unemployment fund for unemployment benefit. Learn more about the tips and rules for job searching on the Job Market Finland. Log in and create your own profile, which will enable you to receive recommendations for a job and employers to contact you directly.

  • A lay-off is a temporary interruption of the performance of duties and payment of wages associated with an employment relationship. Your employment relationship will remain in force throughout the lay-off period. Unemployment security can provide you with financial support during a lay-off.   

  • The transition security service becomes relevant when productional or financial reasons force companies to serve notices of redundancy to workers. The transition security service provides support to workers who have been dismissed after being made redundant.  

  • If you are thinking about returning back to the workforce, starting your career or undergoing rehabilitation for an illness or difficult period in your life, rehabilitative work activities can help you get back on track with your career.  

  • The ability to work refers to each person’s personal ability to cope with their work. This is influenced by for example a person’s physical and mental resources, attitudes and skills. 

  • Will your long-term unemployment or health problems affect your chances of finding employment?