Transition security for employment redundancies

The transition security service becomes relevant when productional or financial reasons force companies to serve notices of redundancy to workers. The transition security service provides support to workers who have been dismissed after being made redundant.  

The goal of the transition security service is to help you move forward as quickly and as easily as possible. The transition security service includes help such as paid leave for job searching, training during the redundancy notice period and preparation of a personal employment plan together with the TE office. 
Advice on the transition security service is available from the telephone service and from the TE Office's change security experts. 

Instructions for customers in local government trials on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government trial on employment, your municipality of residence can advise you on matters related to transition security. In addition, the transition security experts at your region's TE Office can help you in matters related to transition security. TE Office's telephone services are also available to you. 


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