Needs support for their ability to work

The ability to work refers to each person’s personal ability to cope with their work. This is influenced by for example a person’s physical and mental resources, attitudes and skills. 

A person may occasionally need support and help in evaluating their ability to work and discovering their inner resources. Support is available to both employers and employees. The most important point is that the support is timed and tailored to each person’s individual needs. To help determine your situation, you can also ask for help from your occupational health office or the medical examination for the unemployed as well as from the work ability coordinators at your local TE Office.  

There are many types of support and assistive methods available. Pay subsidies are available to employers when your future work duties will be new to you and will also help you find employment in the future. Pay subsidies can also be paid to employers who hire employees whose ability to work is affected by a disability or illness. A work try-out can be used to assess the strain caused by a new job and its suitability with your ability to work in particular. Support can also be provided to, for example, arranging a location’s working conditions so that it will be accessible by wheelchair. 

The assessment of a person’s ability to work can also be initiated in connection with rehabilitative work activity services or a cross-sectoral joint service that promotes employment (TYP).  

Vocational guidance and career planning as well as education and training guidance can help you find a new path when you current job or profession is no longer suitable for you or when you feel that it is time for a change in your career.  

If you are young, a visit to a One-Stop Guidance Center will help you discover your work-related abilities.  

The Job Market Finland contains a list of these services as well as other services, and we hope that you can find the service that best suits your needs.  

Instructions for customers in local government trials on employment 

If you are a customer of the local government trial on employment, your municipality of residence will direct you to a cross-sectoral joint service that promotes employment (TYP) if necessary. In the cross-sectoral joint service, your municipality of residence prepares a multidisciplinary employment plan with you. 


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