Inform the TE Office of changes to your employment status

When you register as an unemployed jobseeker, you will be asked about factors that may influence your right to an unemployment benefit. As a recipient of an unemployment benefit, you are obligated to notify the TE Office of any changes to your status. The easiest way to do this is to submit the changes via E-services.

Please submit information on the following to the TE Office: 

  • start of employment, termination of employment and any changes to your working hours, 
  • entrepreneurial activities lasting for two weeks or more; this also includes working in a family business in addition to your personal entrepreneurial activities 
  • other type of employment than that of a salary earner or entrepreneur, such as working as a caregiver to a family member, 
  • start of studies, 
  • change of citizenship or changes to your residence permit, 
  • termination of services that promote employment (please inform only your unemployment fund or Kela of isolated absences) and 
  • changes to your contact details. 

The list above includes the most typical changes that the TE Office must be notified of.  If you are uncertain about how a change might affect your rights to an unemployment benefit, please contact your TE Office or the telephone service for personal customers. You will also receive more information on how to submit information on the start and termination of employment for those people who e.g. take on temporary work on a regular basis. 

Instructions for customers in local government trials on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government trial on employment, notify your municipality of residence  and if necessary, the TE Office, of any changes. Your municipality of residence submits the labour policy statements that are part of its duties under the Act on local government trial on employment. Your municipality of residence can tell you the grounds of the labour policy statements issued by the municipality. 


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