Career change

Thinking about a career change? At Job Market Finland, you will learn about different ways of boosting your working life.

Career change can become topical several times during your lifetime. However, it is not something to be taken lightly. You can start by exploring our Professional Information service to find out more about the employment situation in different fields and read career stories.

If you are not looking to shake everything up but are interested in a different job description involving your current competence, take a look at our vacancies. You can also create a profile and let our artificial intelligence suggest vacancies that would suit your skills, but which you might not find on your own.

However, a career change does not necessarily have to mean changing your professional field or even your job. Many organisations offer their employees study leave or internal training programmes that you can attend alongside your work. Improving your competence at your own workplace or alongside work can provide you with qualifications for new tasks and also affect your salary.

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Sometimes career change is the only option, for example if there is no more work available in your previous occupation, or if you need a change because of health-related reasons. There is support and information available also for these situations.

Some companies also offer training packages for employees who have been laid off. In addition to training, the package may also include guidance in career choice and job application.

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