Career choice and employment situation in different fields

When you are weighing different options for your future career, you can learn about different professions in the Professional information section of Job Market Finland. There you can also find interviews and career stories that can give you ideas about your own situation.

You can make use of the self-assessment tasks of the AVO programme – they can help you with your decision-making process and suggest occupations that would be suitable for you.   

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After finding a potentially suitable field, you can find out about the employment opportunities in that field. In the Occupational Barometer, you can find information on the employment situations and development prospects of 200 common professions. 

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Get trained for a new occupation

Find out what the training requirements for your new occupation are. Training required for a new occupation can be anything from a short course to a degree in higher education. There are also training programs that employ distance learning as well as ones you can attend alongside your work.

Think about what kind of training you have the time and energy for. Moreover, you should consider how a potential change in income or moving because of a new job may impact your economic situation.

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If you are considering entrepreneurship as one of your career options, you can take part in entrepreneur career coaching entrepreneurial training.  

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Advisory services

Do you feel lost in the jungle of professional opportunities? Career choice and career guidance services as well as education and training guidance may help you in finding the solution that is best suited for you. You can also talk about training in career coaching service.