Entrepreneurial training and career coaching

If you consider becoming an entrepreneur, plan on setting up a business, or have already set up a company, you can take part in entrepreneurial training or career coaching.

Entrepreneurial training offers a comprehensive overview of the daily running of a company, and helps you plan your business. In career coaching, you can clarify your thoughts on entrepreneurship as a career option.  Entrepreneurial training and courses for entrepreneurs are also offered as self-motivated studies.  

You can launch your business flexibly while participating in entrepreneurial training. Organised as labour market training, short-term entrepreneurial training develops the students’ business ideas further, and supports the drafting of a business plan.  

In training for the purposes of establishing a business, you can deepen your understanding of issues such as marketing and risks linked with running a company. You can also familiarise yourself with procedures related to setting up a business, and develop your business idea and business plan further. Training for completing the Further Qualification for Entrepreneurs or parts of it is also organised as labour market training.