Help for starting a business

Help is just around the corner if you are thinking about starting a business. Information and advice are easily available.

If you are considering setting up a business, familiarise yourself with the section for companies, where you can find a wealth of information and advice on entrepreneurship.

The national Enterprise Finland Telephone Service provides guidance to starting entrepreneurs in matters related to establishing an enterprise. We can give you advice on starting a business in a quick and easy manner; our business advisor can advice you, map out your situation and guide you with the next steps.

You can also check My Enterprise Finland, which offers the most important planning tools for start-up business and an existing business.


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From salary earner to entrepreneur

Leaving your stable monthly salary behind and becoming a full-time entrepreneur takes courage but it has been the start of many success stories. As a budding entrepreneur, you may be entitled to a start-up grant or unemployment benefits, if certain requirements are met. The purpose of a start-up grant is to provide an entrepreneur with a secure income at the beginning, when income from the new enterprise is still limited. 


From unemployed to self-employed

Have you thought about employing yourself? If you start a new company during your unemployment, the TE-Office will determine whether your business activities are full-time or part-time only after the first four months of starting the business. This means that you can receive unemployment security during this period.  If needed, unemployment security can be harmonised with the income you receive from business activities.

Please notice that, as an unemployed jobseeker, you can choose whether to apply for a start-up grant or unemployment benefits for the first four months of your entrepreneurship. If you begin business activities during your unemployment period, the assessment for whether you are a full-time or part-time entrepreneur will not take place within the first four months following the launch of your business. You may be entitled to unemployment benefits if you fulfil all the other requirements for the payment of unemployment benefits as stated in the labour policy. You have to, for instance, apply for and be prepared to accept full-time work, and your job search has to remain valid as agreed with the TE Office.


Light entrepreneurship

If you have a good business idea but you’re not too excited about the administrative side of entrepreneurship, light entrepreneurship might be a good option for you. This means charging your work through an invoicing service without registering a business ID. Invoicing services often handle the statutory obligations of entrepreneurs for you. Easy, right?

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From entrepreneur to employer

If your company is fortunate enough to have more work than you can take on, we can also provide advice on hiring your first employee.

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