Expense allowance for days of participation in services organised by the TE Office TE Office

When you participate in services promoting employment, the TE Office will pay towards your travel and maintenance costs as expense allowance.

The TE Office pays discretionary expense allowance for unemployed customers who participate in

  • vocational labour market training
  • job search training or career coaching
  • work or training trial

As a rule, the expense allowance is EUR 9 a day for no more than five calendar days a week. The expense allowance is EUR 18 a day if the service is provided outside your labour market region The expense allowance will also be EUR 18 when the service is provided outside your municipality of residence and you have accommodation expenses.

You may receive expense allowance only for the days during which you participate in the service. Expense allowance will not be paid for holiday times and days of absence.

The TE Office may pay you discretionary expense allowance if you are not entitled to compensation paid by an unemployment fund or Kela, and you are not, under some other legislation, entitled to compensation. The TE Office cannot pay you discretionary expense allowance, if you have the possibility to receive unemployment benefits by registering as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE Office.

If you receive unemployment benefits, Kela or the unemployment fund will grant the expense allowance in connection with the payment of your unemployment benefits, and you do not have to apply for it separately.

If you are not entitled to unemployment benefits, ask the TE Office about possible discretionary expense allowance. Apply for discretionary expense allowance granted by the TE Office by filling in the form Expense allowance for which you apply to the TE office (TEM612), and submitting it to the TE Office. Apply for expense allowance within a month after the end of the payment period. Expense allowance will be paid in arrears.

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The TE telephone services provide general advice on employment and economic development services and instructions for using the online services.

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Русскоязычная телефонная служба для индивидуальных клиентов
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