Job search training TE Office

You can learn job-seeking skills in job-search training courses provided by TE Offices or in nationwide online job-search groups.

Job seeking is a skill that can be learned. As you develop your job-seeking skills, you will learn

  • to assess your own competences and incorporate them into a job application and CV
  • how companies recruit staff and
  • to use job-search channels that are best suited for you.

Once you have completed your job-search training, you will be able to search for information on the labour market, companies and vacancies more effectively. The development of job-seeking skills comprises

  • independent information seeking and guidance in finding information
  • discussions of your own skills with the instructor or other participants
  • writing job applications and CVs under supervision.

You can learn job-seeking skills in job-search training courses provided by TE Offices or in job-search network group.

Job-search training is free of charge and takes 1-10 days. Trainings are held both online and in-person either at TE Offices' or a private service provider's locations. Job-search training is a service that promotes employment, which means that you will receive the same unemployment benefit as if you were an unemployed job-seeker. Make sure you keep your job search valid.

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An unemployed jobseeker at a TE Office might be required to participate in job-search training.


Palvelun järjestäjän ilmoitus poissaoloista, jotka voivat johtaa palvelun keskeyttämiseen.

See upcoming job-search training courses and register for training as requested by your TE Office. You will agree on the training in your employment plan.

Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Cost: free of charge