Job search information services TE Office

Job search information services collect information about work and applying for work.

Job search begins with obtaining information. Once you know how the labour market works, it will be easier for you to make decisions in your job search. Job search information services are data sets that allow you to independently obtain information about work, applying for work, professions, professional fields and their future prospects.

  • In the Avoimet työpaikat search service, you can view real time advertisements posted by employers and entrepreneurs to recruit staff or find a partner or successor for their business. You can use the Job Watch (Työpaikkavahti) service to receive email alerts about jobs postings that match your criteria.
  • The Tips for finding a job page contains job search instructions, including those on writing a job application and CV and preparing for an interview.
  • The Occupational Barometer (Ammattibarometri) features the TE Offices' assessments of the short-term outlook for key occupations. It can help you limit your search to areas where there is demand for your skills.
  • Professional Information (Ammattitieto) on Jobmarket contains descriptions of more than 50 professional fields, hundreds of occupations as well as interviews with people working in various professions and their stories about their own careers.

Find information online independently. Using the information services is free of charge and you do not need to register as a job-seeker or to obtain any separate user ID.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English
Producer: TE Office
Cost: free of charge