Job coaching TE Office

A job coach will guide and support you personally in searching for a job and finding employment.

A job coach will help you personally when you are searching for a job that suits you. With the coach's support, you will discover and make visible your competence and strength in the labour market. A job coach can support you when you are

  • searching for a job
  • preparing a job application
  • getting ready for an interview
  • entering into an employment relationship.

If a contact or application will not lead into employment, the coach will analyse the application situation with you. Your job coach will also support you if

  • you begin apprenticeship training during which your employer receives a pay subsidy or
  • you work with the help of a pay subsidy and participate in training organised by the TE Office during the employment relationship.

When you have found a suitable job, the job coach can help you get started at the workplace. Before the parties enter into an employment relationship or at the beginning of the relationship, a job coach may also assist an employer who is applying for a subsidy from the TE Office or considering the need for a subsidy for arranging working conditions.

The duration and content of the coaching will be agreed upon before the coaching starts. You can get 50 hours of job coaching annually.

Job coaching is meant for TE Office customers who remain unemployed over an extended period or otherwise require special support in finding employment.

Arrangements on job coaching are made on an individual basis with your own TE Office.

Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Producer: TE Office
Cost: free of charge