Finding an employee

Various forms of assistance is available for finding a new employee. On the Job Market Finland, we provide information on what you, as an employer, should take into consideration when hiring an employee for your business or household. Log in and you will find your top employee already today.

  • Is your company in need of more personnel? The days of the traditional newspaper advertisement are passing away, and nowadays the majority of jobseekers and open job opportunities are found online.  

  • If you are seeking international expertise for your company and a suitable individual cannot be found in Finland, it is worth looking for an employee or intern from abroad. It is important to remember, however, that you may need a separate permit for employing someone from another country.  

  •  In the employment contract, you agree on the work tasks, the work time, the salary, and any other benefits and conditions. 

  • Will you soon be meeting at the workplace for the first time? An employer familiar with the twists and turns of legal obligations can sometimes forget about the practical things that should be taken into consideration to help a new employee feel welcome on their first day on the job. 

  • Jobs and employees meet at Job Market Finland: log in, post an open position and view suggestions for suitable employees.