Help in recruitment

Jobs and employees meet at Job Market Finland: log in, post an open position and view suggestions for suitable employees.

You can also find employees with the help of TE Services, the local employment unit or private companies, or take care of the matter yourself through social media.

We share information and provide services to support recruitment.

Do you know someone appropriate you would like to hire, but they are not fully competent for the job yet? You can train competent workforce for yourself in different ways, such as through an apprenticeship, recruitment training or with the help of a pay subsidy. In some cases, you can also test suitability with a work try-out.

If you hire an employee with partial ability to work, it may be possible to receive support for hiring them. Working conditions can also be rearranged according to the employee's needs. Moreover, you should find out whether your municipality offers employment premiums and what their conditions are.

Special attention should be paid particularly when recruiting young people or employees from abroad.

Also check out the recruitment support services offered by our partners.


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