Different ways of getting work done

The ways of working are changing. This opens up new opportunities to work in different tasks.

In addition to traditional recruitment, you can also contract another entrepreneur or professional for a fixed-term job. You also have the possibility to hire temporary workers.

Different methods of commissioning work also provide flexibility for changes in working life. It is essential to understand the job's needs, the required professional skills and the recurrence of the task. This helps you find the best possible talent for the job in the long term.

All commissioned work is paid either in salary or in remuneration. As a contractor, you are usually subject to the contractor's responsibilities, i.e. you have a duty to determine whether the contracting partner has fulfilled their statutory obligations. The contractor's liability applies to temporary agency work and subcontracting but does not apply to all private entrepreneurs or households.

It may also be possible to commission volunteer work in which case the taxation of volunteer work and other legislation related to volunteer work must be taken into account.

If the job in question is contracted by a household, such as cleaning or renovation, you can create a job advertisement on Job Market Finland as a household employer and find a suitable candidate there. 

If you would like to find out more about different ways of working from the jobseeker's perspective, you can see the sites below.

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