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Various forms of assistance is available for finding a new employee. Read more about what you, as an employer, should take into consideration when hiring an employee for your business or household. Log in and you will find your top employee already today.

Is your company in need of more personnel? The days of the traditional newspaper advertisement are passing away, and nowadays the majority of jobseekers and open job opportunities are found online.  

Log into the Job Market Finland and you will be able, for example, to specify what kind of requirements you have for the new employee. Among other things, you can set requirements for the applicants’ education level or language skills, and you can then change these requirements if suitable applicants are not found. The best way to get a feel for the service is to try it out – so why not log in and have a go!   

Do you need help using the Job Market Finland as an employer or are you interested in how the matching really works?

Jobs and employees meet at Job Market Finland: log in, post an open position and view suggestions for suitable employees.

You can also find employees with the help of TE Services, the local employment unit or private companies, or take care of the matter yourself through social media.

We share information and provide services to support recruitment.

Do you know someone appropriate you would like to hire, but they are not fully competent for the job yet? You can train competent workforce for yourself in different ways, such as through an apprenticeship, recruitment training or with the help of a pay subsidy. In some cases, you can also test suitability with a work try-out.

If you hire an employee with partial ability to work, it may be possible to receive support for hiring them. Working conditions can also be rearranged according to the employee's needs. Moreover, you should find out whether your municipality offers employment premiums and what their conditions are.

Special attention should be paid particularly when recruiting young people or employees from abroad.

Also check out the recruitment support services offered by our partners.


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 In the employment contract, you agree on the work tasks, the work time, the salary, and any other benefits and conditions. 

Play it safe – make a written employment contract.

When the employer wants to sign a fixed-term contract, there must be an acceptable reason for this. The most common reasons for fixed-term contracts relate to the work being substitute work, seasonal, or project-based.   

Also, it is good to remember that the employer in particular must take note of the minimum requirements of collective agreements. It is worth learning about the collective agreement for your own sector, whether you are an employee or an employer.  

If the content of the collective agreement causes concern, visit the website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which contains comprehensive information on collective agreements and the legislation relating to them.    

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Employment relationships involving those under 18 involve special conditions.


According to the law, young people cannot carry out work which would be unreasonably heavy for someone their age or which would interfere with their school attendance.    

The involvement of young people in certain jobs and work tasks is either limited or forbidden entirely. It is worth familiarising yourself with the special regulations for employing a young people.

As a young person’s employer, remember also your normal obligations in dealing with the young person. Make a written work contract and take care of correct wage and holidays. The employment of a person under the age of 15 must also be approved by his or her guardian.

In addition to these, you should also make sure that sufficient job orientation is provided and ensure that the work tasks are appropriate for someone of the worker’s age. You can read more about your obligations from the web pages of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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If you are seeking international expertise for your company and a suitable individual cannot be found in Finland, it is worth looking for an employee or intern from abroad. It is important to remember, however, that you may need a separate permit for employing someone from another country.  

Please also note that the rights and obligations for employment relationships are the same whether or not the employee is Finnish.   

EURES (European Employment Services) is a comprehensive European cooperation network and a public service through which you can find from elsewhere in Europe just the kind of worker you are looking for. Also, there are many different services on offer. Follow the links below for more information on these services:  

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Are your own two hands no longer enough for getting all the work done? Hiring a new employee, especially if it is your first, is a big step to take, and setting yourself up as an employer brings with it obligations relating to hiring. Some of these you must take care of before the employment relationship begins, some require action during the employment, and some relate to employment termination. 

Your obligations include, among other things, creating an employment contract, reports and payments to the authorities, and arranging insurance, occupational healthcare and occupational health and safety. A comprehensive list of your rights and obligations is provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration via the following links.

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Remember that from the start of 2019 you must report the salaries, fringe benefits, commissions, employment remunerations and other earnings from work to the national Incomes Register. Your workload will be eased because it will no longer be necessary to report separately to several different government bodies.    

Will you soon be meeting at the workplace for the first time? An employer familiar with the twists and turns of legal obligations can sometimes forget about the practical things that should be taken into consideration to help a new employee feel welcome on their first day on the job. 

You will certainly given an excellent impression of yourself as a work supervisor if you remember the following points:  

  • be there when the employee arrives to work for the first time  
  • invest in good job orientation and make sure it resembles the work tasks: an appropriate mix of self-study materials and practical exercises is often a good combination  
  • introduce the work methods, work facilities and work colleagues so that the new employee feels welcome: if desired, you can also arrange for a particular person in the work community to be there to help the new arrival find their place within the new community  
  • have a chat and get to know each other, for example during lunch or afternoon coffee

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Is it time for growth or change? You can get funding support for different situations – whether you are a new or a seasoned entrepreneur, and whether you are developing a new business idea or adjusting to changing market conditions.   

Changes can take place in production or in the work community, in which case it is possible, for example, to rearrange working conditions or develop the operating environment. Your local business networks can also support you on the path to growth and change. Investments and loans can also be needed as part of the growth process. 

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