Termination of employment

The termination of employment may be initiated either by employer or employee, and a number of different situations may lie behind termination. On the Job Market Finland we provide information on employee cooperation negotiations, layoffs and alternatives to them.

  • If your company’s financial situation is heading downhill, laying off employees or making them redundant will of course be one of the first solutions that come to mind. However, it is worth also finding out about the other options, especially if the tight situation looks like it will only be temporary.   

  • The actions involved in ending an employment relationship depend on whether the employment relationship is permanent or fixed-term and whether the party terminating the relationship is the employee or the employer.  

  • If working hours arrangements or further training are not able to solve the challenging situation faced by your company, you can avoid permanent redundancies by laying off personnel. In such cases, the employee’s work and salary are stopped, but the employment relationship is not.

  • Employer/employee negotiations refer to joint activities involving both the employer and the personnel which are aimed at developing the opportunities for the personnel to influence their working conditions.

  • The change security service becomes relevant when productional or financial reasons force companies to serve notices of redundancy to workers. The change security service provides support to workers who have been dismissed after being made redundant.

  • How should I proceed when my employee is retiring or is at the final stretches of their career? Remember at least the following.