Change security for the employer

The change security service becomes relevant when productional or financial reasons force companies to serve notices of redundancy to workers. The change security service provides support to workers who have been dismissed after being made redundant.

The goal of the change security service is to help the employee who has been made redundant move forward and to make the redundancy process easier for you as well. The change security service for the employer includes increased information, an employment action plan prepared with the staff, and the ability to offer assistance to personnel who are being made redundant.  

As an employer, you must notify the TE Office when you start the redundancy process. The change security service also includes other employer obligations. Obligations depend on the number of redundancies and the number of people you employ. 

The effect of staff numbers 

If you employ at least 30 people on a regular basis, those who have been made redundant must be given the opportunity to participate in employment promoting coaching or training, paid for by the employer. This training must be made available either during the notice period or at the beginning of unemployment. This applies the personnel who have at least five years of service. 

The effect of the number of redundancies  

When there are more than ten redundancies, you need to prepare an employment action plan with the staff.   

When there are fewer than ten redundancies, the redundancy process must include proposals for ways of supporting employees to seek other work, training and TE services during the notice period. 

Advice on the change security service is available from the telephone service and from the TE Office's change security experts. 


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