Employer/employee negotiations 

Employer/employee negotiations refer to joint activities involving both the employer and the personnel which are aimed at developing the opportunities for the personnel to influence their working conditions.

In practice, however, employer/employee negotiations are often connected with situation where the workforce needs to be reduced.    

Employer: if you have at least 20 workers in regular employment and you are facing either changes that impact the workforce and work arrangements, cessation of business activities or actions which may lead to lay-offs or redundancies, you have a legal obligation to engage in negotiations.   

Employer/employee negotiations take place between the employer and the employees, and often each party has a separate representative. Negotiations involve fixed time periods, and violating these can incur compensation payments or fines. Carefully read through the instructions on employer/employee negotiations. 

If you employ less than 20 people, the employer/employee negotiation legislation does not apply to you, but you must nevertheless provide employees with an explanation of the reasons for the redundancy and the alternatives to it before making them redundant, and you must also give them information about the employment services available from the TE Offices. 

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