A healthy work community 

The responsibility for work well-being is shared between everyone in the workplace. Having healthy, capable and motivated personnel is also very beneficial for the employer. 


Work well-being involves a combination of many different factors. Business values, the individual’s well-being and the business activities themselves can all impact the well-being of the work community. How are people faring in your work community?   

Employers are responsible for taking care of occupational safety and health. The same applies to ensuring equal treatment and good management of employees. When this framework is in place, each employee and manager has the opportunity to impact the well-being of their work community.

We have listed examples of how you can take care of the well-being of your work community.   

What you can do as an employer:    

  • Be flexible where you are able to    
  • Make clear agreement with employees on objectives, resources and role   
  • Provide opportunities for developing one’s own expertise   
  • Take care of occupational safety matters   
  • Treat everyone equally   


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