A diverse work community

As an employer, you are tasked with supporting your diverse work community and different employees.

Make diversity an asset and a competitive advantage for your work community. There is diversity in every work community, and it is essential that all employees are treated in the same, non-discriminatory manner by the employer. Make sure that all employees are treated equally and respectfully and address any disputes or conflicts that may arise. Discuss the topic of equality and possible discrimination issues with your employees individually and as a group. For example, development discussions are a good opportunity to find out if there are any equality-related problems at the workplace.  

Remember equality and non-discrimination in all situations: when you are recruiting new employees, providing employees with orientation, distributing tasks, promoting employees or letting them go. You can also make sure that everyone in your work community is familiar with the grounds of discrimination that are prohibited by law. You should also prepare an equality plan, keep it up-to-date and introduce it to your employees.