Employer obligations 

Are your own two hands no longer enough for getting all the work done? Hiring a new employee, especially if it is your first, is a big step to take, and setting yourself up as an employer brings with it obligations relating to hiring. Some of these you must take care of before the employment relationship begins, some require action during the employment, and some relate to employment termination. 

Your obligations include, among other things, creating an employment contract, reports and payments to the authorities, and arranging insurance, occupational healthcare and occupational health and safety. A comprehensive list of your rights and obligations is provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration via the following links.

More information

Remember that from the start of 2019 you must report the salaries, fringe benefits, commissions, employment remunerations and other earnings from work to the national Incomes Register. Your workload will be eased because it will no longer be necessary to report separately to several different government bodies.