Welcome to the job 

Will you soon be meeting at the workplace for the first time? An employer familiar with the twists and turns of legal obligations can sometimes forget about the practical things that should be taken into consideration to help a new employee feel welcome on their first day on the job. 

You will certainly given an excellent impression of yourself as a work supervisor if you remember the following points:  

  • be there when the employee arrives to work for the first time  
  • invest in good job orientation and make sure it resembles the work tasks: an appropriate mix of self-study materials and practical exercises is often a good combination  
  • introduce the work methods, work facilities and work colleagues so that the new employee feels welcome: if desired, you can also arrange for a particular person in the work community to be there to help the new arrival find their place within the new community  
  • have a chat and get to know each other, for example during lunch or afternoon coffee

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