Developing a network of partners


The goal of the Job Market Finland is to implement the working life services of the future by bringing together the right services, for the right customers, at the right time and through the right actor. In other words, users will find the right services for their situation, regardless of who provides the service. The key objective is to promote the matching of skills supply and demand in the labor market.

Job Market Finland is developed and maintained with public funds, meaning all parties can use it free of charge.

In autumn 2016, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the KEHA Centre (Development and Administration Centre for the ELY Centres and the TE Offices) launched TE Digi, a project with the mission of upgrading Finland’s employment and economic development services. The aim of the project is to provide all interested parties with a comprehensive, clear, and easy to use service. Job Market Finland is the client-facing part of the TE Digi project.

The Job Market Finland partner network was launched in December 2019. Job Market Finland welcomes all actors that offer and develop services related to working life, entrepreneurship, and competence development. Members of the network must share Job Market Finland's objectives and commit themselves to working in cooperation to develop the service.

The network is free to join, which means partners can list their own services on Job Market Finland in a targeted and context-specific manner for customers and other stakeholders to find. In the future, partners will also get access to statistical data that will assist them in developing their existing services and identifying new opportunities for their business models.

Who could benefit from joining the network?

  • Recruitment agencies, employment exchange platforms, and data specialists that provide information on employment, recruitment services, and job opportunities
  • Coaching and training providers who provide information on services enabling individuals and organisations to increase their competencies and thereby improve their employability, labour market value, and competitive edge
  • Other working life service providers

Think you know how the network could be improved? Join us and let's develop it together!

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