Welcome to the new version of the Job Market Finland


The new version of the Job Market Finland launched on Tuesday, 3rd of September 2019 at kokeile.tyomarkkinatori.fi. The old web addresses tyomarkkinatori.fi and hakupalvelu.tyomarkkinatori.fi automatically redirect to the new site.

The new web address is intended to emphasise that the service is not yet complete.

“We have now created the foundation on which to build new services. We are already providing new services to both jobseekers and employers, but there will be more significant changes during the winter and spring,” said Mikko Rantahalme, Development Manager of the TE-digi project, which is building the Job Market Finland.

You can browse and search for jobs without logging in

The most significant changes compared to the old search service are a new interface designed in cooperation with customers, and the opportunity for jobseekers to browse available jobs without logging in.

The Job Market Finland now also includes a lot of situation-based guidance on the provision of public services. For example, for jobseekers it includes options such as ‘I am interested in self-employment’ and ‘I am unemployed or facing unemployment’. For employers’ there are options such as ‘I want to hire a new employee’ and ‘I want to develop staff skills and work community’.

Descriptions of different professions and professional fields, and interviews with professionals from various sectors assist people in choosing a career. These services are also available without the need to log in.

An employer can search for employees without the need to post a job ad

For employers, the most significant reform in the new site is the opportunity for a registered employer to search for suitable employees in the Job Market Finland using search criteria without having to publish a job advertisement.

“This has been a long-awaited service for employers. It allows employers to find the right employee without having to deal with a stack of applications,” said Henriikka Kokkola, Development Specialist at the Job Market.

Profile information is transferred automatically

Those who have previously used the beta version of the search service can easily switch to the new version of the Job Market Finland. Profile information has been automatically migrated to the new site. Users just need to re-accept the terms and conditions of the service.

All 22,000 job vacancies in the old search service have also been migrated to the new version. The old Job Market Finland beta version of the search service closed on Friday, 30th of August 2019.

Further information:

  • Mikko Rantahalme, Development Manager, TE DIGI, firstname.lastname(at)ely-keskus.fi
  • Henriikka Kokkola, Development Specialist, firstname.lastname(at)ely-keskus.fi