Don’t sleep past your work opportunity


Today is National Sleepy Head Day in Finland. There are different beliefs associated with National Sleepy Head Day. For example, if you sleep long in the morning, you will be sleepy all year round, or that the one who stays the longest in bed in the morning will be the laziest all year round. Here at Job Market Finland, we don’t know about the possible future impacts of the sleep patterns of National Sleepy Head Day, but we hope no one sleeps past their job opportunity, so we warmly recommend creating a job applicant profile as soon as possible!


To create a job applicant profile, you need to log in to Job Market Finland with a strong e-identification. Once you are logged in, you can start adding information to your profile. It consists of three different parts named "Knowledge and skills", "Introduction", and "Work experience and education". You can fill in the profile in the order you want and complete it all at once or continue adding information later. For example, you can copy texts directly from your CV or other presentation text.

In the "Knowledge and skills" section, you can describe your competencies and job wishes and enter your language skills, driving license information, and the permits and qualifications you have completed. In the "Introduction" section, you can add a heading to your job applicant profile, introduction, job seeking area, desired start date of work, and a link for example to your LinkedIn profile.

In the "Work experience and education" section, you can list your work history, education, and other experience. The work experience and trainings you add are automatically saved in chronological order in the timeline view.

The more information you add to your profile, the better job suggestions you will get.

Once you have filled out the information you want for your job applicant profile, you can publish it and after that it is available to employers. Employers can find your profile when looking for a suitable job seeker on Job Market Finland and send you a message if they are interested in your skills.

At Job Market Finland, artificial intelligence helps with the matching, i.e., finding suitable employees for open vacancies. Between the machine and the person, there is a Skills Suggester feature which helps to add the right kind of professions and competencies to the job applicant profile, which makes it easier to describe your competencies. The Skills Suggester can also utilize natural language, i.e., it suggests keywords to you based on the written text. For example, you can copy the introductory text from your LinkedIn profile to the Job Market Finland and get suggestions for relevant keywords with it.

So, you benefit from filling out and publishing a job applicant profile in two different ways: you get job offers that are just right for you, and employers see your information when looking for employees. Once you have filled out your job applicant profile, you can’t sleep past your job opportunity!