What kind of services would you like to see on Job Market Finland?


At the end of 2020 we asked the users of Job Market Finland what services they would like to have on the site. These are the answers we received.


Information related to working life is scattered across many places

Based on the survey, information and services related to working life are scattered across many websites and employment agencies and it can be challenging to find the latest reliable information. Users are looking for job vacancies through numerous job search channels.  It can also be challenging to search through a wide range of services and identify what kind of work-related service might be right for you.

Job Market Finland is responding to these problems by bringing together services and information related to working life in one place. In addition, the purpose of service matching is to provide the user with suggestions for services that are suitable for their situation.

Job seekers are interested in skills identification, part-time entrepreneurship, and hidden jobs

The survey responses highlighted the importance of identifying your own skills and expressing your strengths. When there is a large number of applicants, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Users indicated that it is important to identify what their own skills would be suitable for and how their skills could be developed to better meet the future needs of working life. Users of Job Market Finland would like to see information and services that help them identify and market their skills, and mentoring services for recognising individual strengths and finding a suitable career path. Users would also like to have access to low-threshold services such as short courses and training, which would strengthen their competence and offer new perspectives to working life. Users also want information about changes in the labour market and what kind of skills will be needed in the future. 

Identifying job opportunities outside of advertised vacancies is important. According to the New Job Readiness and Routes to Work - study, commissioned by Sitra in 2016, about 70 per cent of Finns did not find their current job through vacancy ads. Users would like Job Market Finland to provide tangible assistance in finding and identifying job opportunities outside of advertised vacancies. Job seeking can become disheartening, especially if unemployment becomes prolonged and applications go unanswered. This emphasises the need for encouragement, the identification of other options, peer support and finding out about similar career stories.  At Job Market Finland you can already share your career story to inspire others on the User Stories page. 

As working life changes, new ways of working emerge. Users would like to see information on how periods of job seeking and salaried employment could be combined with entrepreneurship or light entrepreneurship. Job Market Finland website already has services and information related to entrepreneurship and light entrepreneurship, and more content will be added in the future.

Job Market Finland also brings together services for employers 

Based on the survey, employers and entrepreneurs would like information on matters such as changes in employment contracts, the rights and obligations of the parties and advice on remote working. In addition to information, employers would find it useful if service providers, and training and events related to different topics could be easily found in one place. Job Market Finland will also bring working life services for companies and employers together under one roof. During exceptional times like the covid-19 pandemic, the availability of remote and online services becomes important. 

Job Market Finland is constantly growing and evolving. Based on the responses, we will continue to develop Job Market Finland’s service offering so that we can serve all our users as well as possible in the future. We would like to thank everyone who responded to our survey!

You can view Job Market Finland services on the Services section.

If you want to bring your own working life or competence development services to Job Market Finland, check out the Partners section.