Registering as an unemployed jobseeker

If you become unemployed or complete your studies and have no employment, register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment. You can do this online through the TE Services’ E-services.

Unemployed jobseeker refers to jobseekers who are not currently employed as well as those who are laid off or whose work time has been reduced to a shortened work week and those jobseekers who are outside the labour force.

If you do not have online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a smart ID card, or you are not a citizen of an EU or EEA Member State, you can register by telephone or by visiting a TE Office in person. 

After beginning your job search, if you are applying for unemployment benefits, you will receive a labour policy statement on your eligibility for unemployment security, or a request for more information on which the statement will be based. Various matters affect your entitlement to unemployment security. Find out more details in the section The rights and obligations of an unemployed jobseeker. In the E-Services, you can respond to requests for additional information, read the issued labour policy statements and see the current status of the processing of your reports. 

Registering as a job seeker and applying for unemployment benefits during local government trials

In the local government trials on employment, the tasks of the TE Office concerning certain customer groups will be transferred via legislation to the municipality participating in the trials. All customers register however as job seekers to the TE Office, preferably using the e-services on the home page for TE-services. The trials do not affect on how you apply for unemployment benefits from Kela or an unemployment fund. Unemployment benefits will only be paid for the period when you are registered as a jobseeker. 

More information

You can apply for an unemployment benefit either from your unemployment fund or from Kela. Unemployment benefits will only be paid for the period when you are registered as a jobseeker at the TE Services. 

Re-register as an unemployed jobseeker also after completing labour market training or a pay subsidy period.