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With the help of labour market training you can develop and complement your skills to match labour market needs.

Labour market training is education and training procured by TE Services. It is planned and implemented in partnership with education and training providers. You can also apply for trainings implemented in cooperation with employers (RekryKoulutus, TäsmäKoulutus and MuutosKoulutus in Finnish).

The purpose of labour market training is to offer education and training that promotes your employment and vocational qualification. It may be:

  • a complete vocational qualification, or a further or a specialist vocational qualification
  • a vocational qualification module
  • further or continuing education
  • entrepreneur training
  • integration training for immigrants

In special cases, the TE Office may also accept:

  • basic education for adults
  • studies aimer at completing a higher education degree
  • different cards and certificates required at work, such as the food hygiene passport, occupational safety card, hot work license, taxi operating license, regional knowledge course and professional competence trainings.

The labour market training offered by the TE Office is targeted at sectors with the greatest need for workers. If you want to acquire a card or certificate through labour market training, you must be aware of a job where it is required or demonstrate in some other way that the card or certificate will substantially and immediately improve your access to employment.

Labour market training is free of charge, so you won’t need to pay participation or examination fees. However, for instance in the transport sector you will need to obtain a driving license at your own cost.

During the labour market training you will receive the same benefits as during unemployment. If you have agreed to labour market training in your employment plan or another plan replacing it, your unemployment benefit can be increased. This will be decided by the party paying the unemployment benefit – that is, by the unemployment fund or Kela.

You may apply for an expense allowance for the duration of the labour market training. If you don’t receive expense allowance from the payer of the unemployment benefit, the TE Office can pay a discretionary expense allowance.

Oma asiointi henkilöasiakkaille

Oma asiointi henkilöasiakkaille on TE-palveluiden verkkoasiointikanava.

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Haussa oleva työvoimakoulutus

Haussa oleva työvoimakoulutus -hakupalvelussa luet ilmoituksia työvoimakoulutuksista, joihin voit hakea.

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Primarily, persons who are unemployed or about to become unemployed are admitted to the training. You can also be admitted if you are employed or an entrepreneur, if it is stated that the training contributes to your employment in your current job or supports your career change. As the training programmes are intended for adults, applicants under 20 are rarely admitted.

Selection of students

The students are selected by a team consisting of experts of TE Services as well as a representative of the training provider. If an employer takes part in planning and funding the training, a representative of the employer will also participate in the selections. Other experts may also be used if necessary.

The selection is based on applications, interviews and, if necessary, aptitude tests. Sometimes the training may be preceded by an initial period, after which only a part of the students will continue in the programme.

The following are some of the criteria that apply to student selections:

  • The TE Office needs to have established the applicant's need for training.
  • The selected student has to be suitable for the training and for the work that the training aims for. The criteria for determining suitability include the applicable health requirements, as well as the skills and characteristics required by the field or occupation in question.
  • Your own interest and motivation are vital for achieving the objectives of the training, and for this reason, you will be asked about them when filling in the application.
  • Your prior education and training and work experience will also be evaluated, as well as the impact that the training will have on your possibilities of finding a job.
  • Some of the training programmes are designed for restricted target groups, for example the long-term unemployed, immigrants or certain age groups.

How will the students be informed about the selection results?

The TE Office responsible for the student selections will inform the candidates about its decision by a letter, typically within about a month after the application period for the training has closed. If you log in, you can monitor the progress of your applications online through the E-services.

If you are admitted to labour market training, the training provider will usually send you a specific invitation to the training. The invitation will also contain key information about the start date and other arrangements of the training.

Ryhmäilmoitus työvoimakoulutuksessa olevista opiskelijoista

Tietojen välittäminen työvoimakoulutuksen koulutustuen tai koulutuksen ajalta maksettavan työttömyysetuuden maksajalle.

Ryhmähakemus työvoimakoulutukseen

Työnhakija voi toimittaa ryhmähakemuksen TE -toimistolle esim lomautuskoulutukseen.

Koulutuspalvelun tuottajan ilmoitus työvoimakoulutuksen keskeyttämiseksi

Koulutuspalvelun tuottaja ilmoittaa lomakkeella TE-toimistolle työvoimakoulutuksen keskeyttämisperusteiden täyttymisestä.

Hakemus työvoimakoulutukseen

Lomakkeella voit hakea työvoimakoulutukseen vain, jos sinulla ei ole mahdollisuutta käyttää TE-toimiston verkkoasiointia.

Työvoimakoulutukseen osallistumisilmoitus

Koulutuksen järjestäjä ilmoittaa lomakkeella koulutukseen osallistujan koulutuksen aloittamis- ja päättymisajankohdat sekä päättymisen syyn.

Selvitys de-minimis -tuesta

Yrittäjälle, joka itse osallistuu työvoimakoulutukseen.

You can see the labour market trainings open for applications on the TE Services website. There you can also subscribe to the Koulutusvahti service to receive information about future vocational labour market training opportunities.

How do I apply for training?

Apply for labour market training online. Use e-Identification before filling in the application, or visit your local TE Office to prove your identity with your passport or identity card.

If you are unable to apply online, you can also do it by filling in the form “Application for labour market training”.

Before submitting your application, carefully read the admission criteria of the training programme you are interested in.

If you are unemployed, you can apply for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses when you travel to:

  • an admission event or aptitude test for labour market training
  • an educational institution before starting labour market training, if you have a disability or an illness that requires you to establish whether the institution is accessible and suitable.

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TE-palvelujen koulutusneuvonnasta saat tietoa ja apua mm. koulutukseen hakeutumisesta, opintojen sisällöistä sekä eri ammateista ja ammattialoista.

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