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Career coaching offers guidance and support to jobseekers at the TE Office regarding their career options and work-related competence.

Similarly, the information, counselling, guidance and support provided by career coaching will help you get a clearer idea of your choice of profession and career alternatives, applying for education and developing transferable skills. During the coaching, you will prepare a feasible career and employment plan for yourself.

Career coaching is practice-oriented and operative. It is mainly group-based, but also individual guidance is offered. Career coaching also often includes familiarisation with educational institutions and work. Career coaching may also include different and short work-related permit and certificate training. In addition to personal guidance, you will get information and support from others participating in the coaching.

The maximum length of career coaching is 40 days within 12 months. If necessary, for example, a separately organised work try-out organised at a workplace can be combined with the service.

Career coaching is intended for you if you:

  • have no vocational education
  • are unsure about your career choices 
  • are returning back to the job market
  • are considering becoming an entrepreneur

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Open e-service

TE Services’ career coaching is targeted at customers registered as jobseekers at the TE Office.


Palvelun järjestäjän ilmoitus poissaoloista, jotka voivat johtaa palvelun keskeyttämiseen.

Include career coaching in your employment plan. See upcoming career coaching on the TE Offices’ website, and register for training as requested by your TE Office.

TE telephone service for personal customers

The TE telephone services provide general advice on employment and economic development services and instructions for using the online services.

Contact details

+358 295025500
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Русскоязычная телефонная служба для индивидуальных клиентов
+358 295020715

+358 295020713

Русскоязычная телефонная служба для индивидуальных клиентов
+358 295020715
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Service hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00-16:15

Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Cost: free of charge