Vocational guidance and career planning TE Office

Psychologists at TE offices provide vocational guidance and career planning aiming at assessing and choosing career, education and work alternatives.

The vocational guidance and career planning services provide assistance and clarifications when you are thinking about different education and career choices in different stages of your life. You get to speak confidentially with a TE service psychologist who is specialised in education, career and the related changes, and in the discussions you will be heard and your matters will be made a priority. Describing your situation and your wishes to someone else will also give you a better idea of what you should aim for and what measures you could use to achieve your goal.

An individual guidance discussion lasts for approximately one hour, and you can talk to the same psychologist once or on multiple occasions. In addition to discussions, the guidance can include psychological tests, education or work try-outs and follow-up tasks. The service is free of charge for customers.

Career planning provides you with assistance if you are struggling with, for example, the following issues:

  • What working life or educational goals should I set for myself at this stage of my life?
  • What field or education will I choose, or could I change careers?
  • What am I interested in and what is important to me?
  • What am I good at, what are my strengths and what could I improve in myself?
  • How much am I ready to invest in order to achieve my goals?
  • How does my state of health affect my choices?
  • What to choose when I am interested in everything or interested in nothing?


AVO on ammatin valinnassa auttava itsearviointityökalu.

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Uraohjauksen ajanvaraus

Voit varata ajan uraohjauksen psykologille puhelin- tai video-ohjaukseen sähköisen ajanvarausjärjestelmän kautta.

Open e-service

The vocational guidance and career planning service is available to working-age persons and persons completing comprehensive education who possess adequate command of Finnish or Swedish and who are struggling with vocational choices and career-related issues and want help in clarifying their plans. You do not have to be a jobseeker to gain access to the service. Some TE Offices may offer guidance also in other languages and, if necessary, with the help of an interpreter. The preconditions for telephone guidance are adequate hearing and the ability to talk about your situation. For video guidance, the customer must possess the technological equipment needed for a video connection and a sufficient internet connection.

You can make a reservation for the national telephone or video guidance service via e-service or by calling the telephone service for personal customers. Telephone guidance is also available without a reservation by calling the telephone number of career planning services within the indicated service hours.

A personal appointment can be made by booking a time with the local TE Office. For more information on reservations, visit the Local TE Services on TE-services.fi for the homepage of your local TE Office.

Koulutusneuvonnan puhelinpalvelu

TE-palvelujen koulutusneuvonnasta saat tietoa ja apua mm. koulutukseen hakeutumisesta, opintojen sisällöistä sekä eri ammateista ja ammattialoista.

Contact details

+358 295020702
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Service hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00-16:15

Uraohjauksen puhelinpalvelu

TE-palvelujen uraohjauksesta voit saada psykologin ohjausta esimerkiksi ammatti- ja koulutusvaihtoehtojen arviointiin ja valintoihin.

Contact details

+358 295020720
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Service hours

Ilman ajanvarausta:
Mon: 12:00-16:00
Thu: 12:00-16:00

Languages: Finnish and Swedish
Producer: TE Office
Cost: free of charge