Looking for stories about real working life!


We are collecting all kinds of information on working life at Job Market Finland. We now wish to expand our content with user stories. Tell us your own working life story and we will publish it!


Job Market Finland is a service that collects all kinds of information on various topics related to working life on a single website. In order to create a realistic, comprehensive picture of today's working life with its joys and challenges, we collect different kinds of stories from our users regarding working life. The purpose of the stories is to share experiences of working life, and give advice and inspiration to other service users.

Would you like to share your working life story? Your story can be about your own career, entrepreneurship or about being an employer. You can talk about your development and successes, but also about challenges and everyday life. The story may include your study and work history, tips for other working-age people and lessons you have learned over the years in working life.

So, we are asking you to tell us your own working life story!